Information Overload – The Resolve | Part 3



All information must be structured in a way that’s hierarchical, so that the relationships would be obvious. Also, when there’s an accurate structure to the quantity of information, it seems logical and easily functional.

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Information Overload – The Resolve | Part 2


Consumable Information

It’s a wonderful gift to be able to construct information, as it allows to convey knowledge, awareness and wisdom to one another. It’s one of the amazing powers humans have at their disposal. But we’ve all heard this popular saying;

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

It became easy for us to share information about our lives since the advent of certain types of media. The evolution of that power can be witnessed within many of the social networking websites we use today for instance, doesn’t this give us the responsibility too, then?

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Information Overload – The Resolve | Part 1


What is Information Overload (IO)?

The way to grasp the core meaning of anything is to first understand its title.  Therefore, let’s begin by analyzing the term “Information Overload”. Initially, the “Information” part means: Facts provided or learned about something or someone. Next, the “Overload” part implies: To overfill something, thus impeding further function. By joining these two words; “Information Overload”, we derive the true meaning: To receive a large amount of facts at the same time, hindering to be fully understood by the mind. Subsequently, the mind isn’t mostly good at multi-tasking; it doesn’t absorb information with all that abundance. Above all, adding to that mix-up, information can’t be understood when there isn’t a sound structure behind it.

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