What others helped us do after we began | Part 1

Hello everyone. I hope and believe; all the people who signed up for IO Resolve are doing absolutely splendid. I look forward to hearing from you. The reason for being inactive with the Blog was primarily due to our shift in focus. It was about making things. So, we realized not posting anything before something tangible is created will be an easier approach. Here’s what we’ve done together;

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Information Overload – The Resolve | Part 1


What is Information Overload (IO)?

The way to grasp the core meaning of anything is to first understand its title.  Therefore, let’s begin by analyzing the term “Information Overload”. Initially, the “Information” part means: Facts provided or learned about something or someone. Next, the “Overload” part implies: To overfill something, thus impeding further function. By joining these two words; “Information Overload”, we derive the true meaning: To receive a large amount of facts at the same time, hindering to be fully understood by the mind. Subsequently, the mind isn’t mostly good at multi-tasking; it doesn’t absorb information with all that abundance. Above all, adding to that mix-up, information can’t be understood when there isn’t a sound structure behind it.

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