What others helped us do after we began | Part 1

Hello everyone. I hope and believe; all the people who signed up for IO Resolve are doing absolutely splendid. I look forward to hearing from you. The reason for being inactive with the Blog was primarily due to our shift in focus. It was about making things. So, we realized not posting anything before something tangible is created will be an easier approach. Here’s what we’ve done together;

After having written the previous posts on how information should be composed and dealt with, we have gone through plenty of developments since then. In summary; shortly after the posts, we decided the project must be taken forward rapidly. With that in mind, the idea-which at the time was rather complicated and impractical to execute-was heavily cut down. Consequently, we came up with this first iterationIO Resolve’s Product Concept no.1. We also made another video that didn’t intentionally feature our product but it was made to convey Who we are and how we do things.

After receiving plenty of feedback from wonderful people, along with their insights, it helped us a lot in figuring out what improvements had to be made. We realized, for obvious reasons, the iteration still wasn’t pruned enough to be doing the things that actually help learners get what they need. So, we got back to the drawing board. This time we ensured to deliver an iteration that was very simple to use as well as helpful in removing the overload of content. Finally, we came up with 2 videos explaining The problem we’re solving and its solution with the second iteration: IO Resolve’s Product Concept no.2.

Having done these two iterations; again, we went for feedback from the people we knew. They confirmed the solution to be very specific in helping overcome the overload of content. Having this confidence given to us, we started thinking about getting technical and further refining the concept and ultimately launching version 1.0. So, we thought delivering a Landing page would be a great idea to gain that much more momentum. This would give more leverage in making the leap toward delivering an iteration that people could actually use and play with. By the way, here’s a short Pitch by Sherbaz around those days.

The landing page gained a few signups and showed genuine interest of those people in the upcoming developments. Now, this brings us to the present day where we are very focused on developing the Business Model of the Company going forward. Even though, doing the third iteration is about delivering a product that works in the real world. We’ve understood it would be more cost effective (in terms of effort) to first deliver a solution that uses currently available technology, to see what it could feel like by making it work the way our product would. This method brings itself from the processes taught in the book Value Proposition Design. It emphasizes the value of testing in various ways before actually making something.

Therefore, the idea is to create Steps using the awesome website Kifi (the subject is Design Thinking) and then share my opinions or insights on WordPress regarding the content of those steps to further discuss the matter.

That will be the second post of this series which I will publish very soon. This gives me the opportunity to share my expertise on design thinking to help people through what I’ve learned myself. I hope my effort is of use to others who might need it. Thank you so much for reading.


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