Information Overload – The Resolve | Part 1


What is Information Overload (IO)?

The way to grasp the core meaning of anything is to first understand its title.  Therefore, let’s begin by analyzing the term “Information Overload”. Initially, the “Information” part means: Facts provided or learned about something or someone. Next, the “Overload” part implies: To overfill something, thus impeding further function. By joining these two words; “Information Overload”, we derive the true meaning: To receive a large amount of facts at the same time, hindering to be fully understood by the mind. Subsequently, the mind isn’t mostly good at multi-tasking; it doesn’t absorb information with all that abundance. Above all, adding to that mix-up, information can’t be understood when there isn’t a sound structure behind it.

Those who suffer by information overload could come from a variety of professions or fields, such as Knowledge workers, Journalists, Marketers, and Businessmen; anyone who interacts with information or has some sort of research to do. Similarly, they tend to be those most closely associated with study-intensive pursuits, or those deeply involved in communications. Some people estimate that more than a quarter of the day of people is taken up by interruptions such as email, instant messaging, RSS feeds and other untamed information flows. Less time is spent each day on activities such as writing, going to meetings or doing Research. The examiners concluded that only about a tenth of the day is spent thinking or reflecting.

Information appears to us many times already sorted but does not present itself according to our distinct requirements. What’s needed is a mechanism, which orders it into fitting structure. A structure, that’s easy to comprehend and clear to begin with. We could consider the human mind to be this mechanism. In fact, it’s the best mechanism to sort information. But like everything, it has its parameters, most notably, the bounds of processing multiple sources of information at the same time.

For further clarity, consider these analogies:

“Listening to ten different phone calls with the same ears.” 

“Listening to a hundred people all at once, struggling to understand what each said.” 

“Going through multiple sources of material trying to figure out what is relevant.”

Overloading Information

Excessive quantities without structure

This is the exact problem our minds have to deal with, unfortunately. With such massive amounts of information coming in, much of the information being presented has chances of being inaccurate or incorrect, so our minds are forced to multi-task. This obscures everything, consequently inhibiting our mind’s most important function; processing that information. The solution to this problem isn’t in reprogramming our brains, rather. Instead, we need to structure the information, not by ourselves, but through technology.

What is Information Overload Resolve (IORes.)?

We find ourselves in conditions where we’re regularly loaded by information. As we know, all information is not the same. Some of it is usable, and the rest perhaps might not be, depending upon personal preferences. The effects of this dilemma make us feel disorganized in not knowing what is important by all the interruptions coming out of loss of focus, which spoils the balance in our lives. This condition is getting worse endlessly, there are regular updates to information; such as new articles being written, more books being authored on a single topic, variations on similar concepts through various websites and so on. All these resources make one think about the answer to the question; how could one learn or gather everything that is relevant without being exhausted by the extensiveness?

Systematic Information

With structure, quantity is controlled.

The resolve pictures the answer by a system which gives perfect control; in terms of how we collect it, update it and discover more. As far we have imagined, what’s essentially required is a better management system which enables us to understand, learn & control more proficiently; anything that concerns us. Therefore, allowing to process much more information than we currently are. We believe that it would be much more productive for people to have this system with all its benefits, be ready to administer any amount of information. We strongly feel that by developing such tools, information will empower all concerned individuals or groups in new and exciting ways, broadening and promoting their growth to add to society as well as themselves.

End of part 1

We value our visitors for having read this article on the introduction of IO as what we’ve understood this far and our engagements on helping others overcome this obstacle. This was Part 1 of our 3-Parts of articles (*Parts 2 & 3 will follow shortly in due time) that describe all of its details to completely understand the facts and our commitments to this challenge.

If our readers have any opinions on the matter, then please leave your comments and let us know of what you think so that we could be more advised on the subject to better our actions. Thank you.

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